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Technology. We have implemented technology in BCI's process management to make activities more agile and reliable. This allows us to present results clearly and objectively. We use BPM tools developed exclusively by BCI to automate, measure, and optimize processes, ensuring that information flows much more efficiently and securely.

Costs. We employ inclusive fees and costs, always aiming to achieve a high level of control in certification with qualified personnel, without compromising the profitability of certified products.

Inspectors. BCI has partnered with one of the largest Agricultural Universities in Brazil (ESALQ/USP). We seek experts from various fields of knowledge within universities to join BCI's technical team. Additionally, we conduct regular technical training and capacity-building to ensure compliance with various standards.

Impartiality. At BCI, impartiality is a fundamental value. Our associates are independent of any associations, organizations, or operational units whose products or activities are certified by BCI. We have no hidden shareholders, and our certification team does not engage in other activities that may create conflicts of interest. Ensuring impartiality is paramount in all our processes.

Deadline. At BCI, we meticulously plan all phases of our projects. We set clear goals and strategies to achieve them. We leverage technology to streamline our processes, allowing us to mitigate risks and ensure that results are delivered within agreed-upon deadlines.

Customer service. At BCI, we believe that customer satisfaction is paramount. We strive to provide a comprehensive and pleasant experience in all interactions with our customers. We understand that improving customer service is essential for building reliable and long-lasting relationships. We are always ready to meet our customers' needs and respond to their inquiries efficiently and friendly.

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